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English Land Book QUIZ Answers

Please circle the correct answer.
Level 1
Qu. Do you like strawberries?
Ans. Yes, I _____ .
a) like
b) eat
c) do
d) don't
Level 2
Qu. Where's the red chair?
Ans. It's next to the _____ .
a) sit
b) table
c) on
d) red


Level 3
Qu. What's she doing?
Ans. She's ________ .
a) jumping
b) jump
c) jumped
d) jumps
Level 4
Qu. ________ the weather like in the tower?
Ans. It's sunny.
a) Why
b) Where
c) What
d) What's

Level 5
Qu. What's the matter?
Ans. I _______ a sore throat and a cough.
a) am 
b) has
c) have
d) are
Level 6
Qu. What was he doing?
Ans. He was _______ a haircut.
a) getting
b) got
c) get
d) had

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                                   Morinosato 5-8-30
                                   Tel: 046-248-2201
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